Flexible Payment Options

We offer our students flexible payment plan options to assist them in achieving their educational goals.  As with all agreements it is important that you have read and understand it prior to entering into this Agreement. Please contact us prior to signing this Agreement if you have any queries.

The direct debit authority is serviced by Ezidebit and their DDR service agreement and direct debit request form will be sent to you for your completion.  The Ezi Debit Service Agreement DDR sets out the key obligations, objectives, rights, and responsibilities of the business delivering services (Australian Training School), Ezi Debit and you the customer.

Enrolment Requirements

  • You must read and agree to Australian Training Schools enrolment terms and conditions.
  • Your enrolment will be processed on receipt of the fully completed and signed enrolment form, Direct Debit Request form and payment of enrolment fee.
  • The Direct Debit Request form must be promptly completed and submitted to Australian Training School at least three business days prior to the direct debit starting date.
  • Unless otherwise agreed payment plans will be set up for a period of 6 months with fortnightly direct debits.
  • No qualifications will be issued until payment has been paid in full.

Fees and Charges

Please note that this direct debit arrangement has associated fees/charges.  These fees and charges are documented on your Direct Debit Request form and are automatically deducted from your nominated bank/credit card account.  Typically they are:

Administration Fee (once only) $3.30, Bank Account Transaction Fee $1.25, Credit Card Transaction Fee – Visa/Mastercard 2.2% (min $1.25), Amex/Diners 4.4% (min $1.25), Optional SMS payment reminder $0.28 per SMS.

When does your training start?

You will receive your first instalment of learning materials after Australian Training School has received and processed your enrolment form and Direct Debit Request form.

Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

  • You will notify us of any changes to your contact and banking details as previously advised to us within three business days of the change taking effect;
  • You are the authorised signatory of the bank or credit card account to be used for the repayments;
  • We can only take instructions in relation to this Agreement from you. Should you wish to nominate a third party to act on your behalf we must receive this request from you in writing.
  • You must repay on demand any money that we reasonably incur or spend in enforcing this Agreement, or protecting or recovering our rights under this Agreement.
  • If any payment you make by direct debit is dishonoured, we may charge you a Dishonour Fee of the amount listed in the Ezi Debit Transaction Listing for any loss we reasonably suffer, or costs we reasonably incur, as a result of the dishonouring.
  • Australian Training School reserves all right to cancel or suspend the Direct Debit Authority for breaches of the agreement.  If we terminate this Agreement you must pay us the total of any money that is due at that termination date that you have not paid.
    • Failure to pay as agreed may will result in legal action and an unpaid listing on your credit file through a Credit Rating Agency.

Please note that by choosing to enter into a payment plan you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and committing to ensuring that funds will be available in your bank account to make these payments.

How do I submit my payment plan enrolment?

Please complete and sign the enrolment form

Please, complete, check and sign the Direct Debit Request

Send the completed forms to Australian Training School by either: email, post or fax:.

Email: info@australiantrainingschool.com.au

Note: please scan documents so signature is visible

Postal Address: PO Box A819 Sydney South NSW 1235

Payment of enrolment fee can be made either by calling our office and providing bank account or credit card information or by Direct Deposit

To deposit your payment into our bank account as follows:-

Account Name: Australian Training School

NAB – BSB: 084 209

Account Number: 854856670

Reference: [Your Last Name]

You will receive confirmation of your enrolment in writing.  We look forward to assisting you in your training.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Download Direct Debit Form