Government Funded Courses

Change your future from just $300, with government funded courses!

Whether you’re trying to fulfil your dreams, support your family or build for the future, what you really need is a fun, fulfilling job that earns you a good living and makes you want to get up for work each day.

There’s one easy way to leapfrog to that dream job. Training.

Finally, the skills you need are within easy reach. There’s never been a better opportunity to get on the career ladder, qualify for promotion, or even retrain and take your career in an exciting new direction.

There are a range of government subsidies available to make training more affordable than ever! Government financial support is available for people who are already working, as well as for school leavers and job-seekers.

And there’s no better way to launch or advance your new financial services or business career than a flexible, government funded course with the Australian Training School.

Whether you require a Certificate III, IV, at Australian Training School, there are a number of funding options available for people of all ages.

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