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  • Who are we?

    Australian Training School Pty Ltd is Registered Training Organisation (RTO Provider Number: 31595) in VET Sector and has been offering its services to wider Australian public since its establishment in 2007.

    Apart from training Australians in the range of Vocational Sector subjects, it also offers Training Benchmark related services to Australian Businesses through Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers as they are the right professionals to explain the importance of Training Benchmark to their clients as part of their clients’ compliance obligation.

    We are experienced, professionals and offer Training Benchmark Services Australia Wide quickly and promptly. Our clients for Training Benchmark Services are predominantly the Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers. Our priority service guarantee ensures them the same day turnaround in business days and is available to talk, discuss and advise on training benchmark services 7 days a week.

    We work on the referral basis and once you have ordered the training benchmark through us, we take it from there. We explain to your client about training, assess their training needs, identify the gap, offer comprehensive training plan and deliver the training. We provide you quick and prompt invoice and once paid the training plan or report and other required paperwork for your submission.


    What is Training Benchmark?

    All employers who have sponsored or willing to sponsor foreign nationals as their employees are required to meet the training benchmark requirement as part of their compliance obligations. The training has to be regulated, quantifiable, measurable and supported with evidence. Under the Training Benchmark requirement, the training has to be primarily delivered to Australian permanent resident or citizen workers within the business. The training solely provided to owners, directors or foreign workers is not counted towards meeting the training benchmark requirement. The idea is to develop a culture in workplaces that supports upskilling or cross skilling Australian Permanent Residents or Citizen employees in skills relevant to the business need. Eventually, the business benefits from the training and the workers get the new or improved skills.


    The Training Benchmark is divided into two categories:

    Training Benchmark A requires 2% of the total payroll contributed to approved training funds.

    Training Benchmark B requires 1% of the total payroll invested in training your Australia PR or Citizen employees.

    The Training Benchmark B is cheaper and costs effective option for employers.

    Australian Training School is one of the Training Benchmark B Providers. It can help you quickly and promptly enabling you to meet the requirements quicker. Our pieces of training are designed to enrich your staff’s skill levels that will benefit your business.


    Who Needs Training Benchmark?

    If you are Standard Business Sponsor or 457 Sponsor
    Employer Nomination Visa (186) Sponsor

    You are Registered Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer representing client for the above


    Why Australian Training School for your Training Benchmark Needs?

    • With our experience over the past 10 years in Training Industry, we are able to identify and assess your organization’s skill gaps and design a tailored training plan for your business.
    •  We are quick, prompt and professional.
    • We can handle any kind of inquiries in relation to training benchmark or workplace training.
    • We can find the solution for you in the quickest amount of time.
    • We work closely with Australian Businesses, Registered Migration Agents & Immigration Lawyers.
    • We can come to you, deliver the training at our training centers, at your workplace or online.


    How to order Training Benchmark?

    The procedure comprises of 4 simple steps:

    1. Step 1: Complete and return the training benchmark request form:
    1. Step 2: ATS will create a training plan the same day and send it to you for review
    2. Step 3: Finalize the payment for the training plan
    3. Step 4: ATS will organize the delivery of training in accordance with the mutually agreed
      training plan.


    Do you need Auditable Training Plan?

    If Yes, complete the short form below and submit online, we will organize the rest for you.


    Need advice on Training Benchmark Issue or problem?

    Yes, we can provide you strategic advice in relation to your client’s training needs or training benchmark requirement, nothing is too complex with our experience.

    Call us for help: 1300 852 205

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